Please note: the full title of this poem is actually "Lines to My Lover on the Commencement of Our Relationship".  Try as I might, I couldn't fit all that on the icon above, so I abbreviated the title in the icon.  The full title will be used in all other places where this poem is listed, including in the title for the discussion thread for this work.

Will you take my timid hand in yours, my love,

and lead me strongly on through life?

Will show me care and devotion,

if the years should bring sorrow and strife?


Can you promise me you’ll be true, my love,

and be pure of intention to me?

Can you swear on your soul that I’ll the sole

girl with whom your heart longs to be?


Could you provide for me well in the future, my love,

with clothing and money and house?

Could you give me the things that show status

and not leave me poor as a mouse?


Does my presence here fill you with joy, my love,

and warm your heart all the day through?

Does it make your soul glow

merely to know that to you my heart will be true?


When you take me into your arms, my love,

and hold me close to your chest?

When I’m close at hand,

is life not so grand, tell me isn’t it simply the best?


Are you scared that this is just the start my love,

of a lifetime commitment for us?

Are you sure this is it, all is said, “let’s get hitched!”

If you’re not, well this seems like a fuss...



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