I started as a dreamer

No star to be my guide

No rules and no direction

“Where to?” I can’t decide


I’ve had all kinds of jobs before

From factory to field

From offices and salons too

My fate was never sealed


And then I wrote a story

It wasn’t very long

But I was disappointed

It should have been a song


I couldn’t get the lyrics down

The focus wasn’t there

As words turned into sentences

The song just went nowhere


Still I didn’t realise

How thoughts inside my head

Could end up on the paper

Not songs, but prose instead


I chanced upon some story sites

One day when I was free

And came to the conclusion

“Hey, shit, this could be me”


Could I do just as well as these?

Could I write down some prose?

Until I start and finish one

Heaven only knows


Then the words began to flow

And stories did appear

I’m still no good at poetry

I s’pect that’s pretty clear


But now I have direction

Although it doesn’t pay

And whilst I wish with all my heart

It doesn’t work that way


Now I take it step by step

To walk before I run

And write the book, I know’s inside

Meanwhile it’s just some fun


But watch out in your bookstores

For one day I’ll be there

In hardback or in paperback

I really do not care


One day I will be published

I know it in my heart

For now it’s the beginning

And that’s the hardest part



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