One moment I was contemplating which bar to visit

And the next I found myself scampering off to California

Picking up and leaving everything and everyone behind

Without a backward glance I take a step into the unknown

A new path fearlessly begun


I analyze the emotions running through my small mind

Excitement, fear, peace, anxiety, almost to fast to comprehend

Like a waking dream, these thoughts leave me confused

Unsure of reality, I await patiently if not slightly bewildered

For this new day of life to begin


With a hint of sunshine, I open the door and breathe deeply

The air is thick and filled with a sickly, sweet smell

Much like an old mistress, attacking me with a feeble attempt

To maintain the complacent attitude I had long ago adopted

Even as I try and embrace my new persona


Yet with uncharacteristic bravery I choke back the rancid air

And take that first step towards my budding awakening

The air changes with each faltering step

Before finally turning into the familiar scent of summer rain

Clean and soothing as that first day


My heart pounds in my chest each beat threatening expiration

And with a visible smile I press on determinedly

My breath comes in quick gasps in the beginning

But the air clears and a feeling of euphoria overwhelms me

Could I somehow become twelve again?


My steps become lighter and the burden on my back disappears

With bated breath and expectation of what’s to come

The summer of sex and drugs fades into fantasy

And for a moment, I pause to ponder this feeling welling inside

Could this be something I once feared?


Amazement washes over me and lucid thoughts explode in my mind

Feelings of joy overcome me and the fear of the unknown isn’t that scary

I change my goals and relish that life is not about remaining comfortable

Two steps turn into four steps and I’m on my way

Nothing can stop me now, well, nothing after I arrive and disembark



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