He could never get enough of Sarah.


It was just so tight, so warm, so... heavenly.










He thrust into her, his hands all over her body. The taste of her sweat inebriated him, and her scent thrilled him. High, that was what he was.


They were both screaming in ecstasy, but it was music. Music, aaah.


Then, the heat was too much.


And, glory... glory.


Their screams became louder.


He thrust faster and harder into her, and she thrust back just as much.


There were scratches and squeezes.


Then, there was nothing.


Nothing but tired breaths.


A few moments passed, and he raised himself from her. He stopped short of kissing her as someone else’s face invaded his vision. Someone. Else. Not Sarah. And he almost wept aloud as the misery in his heart screamed its existence.


He stood up and began picking his clothes that were scattered across the room. He dressed up, placed a roll of cash on the bed, and left.


Outside the room, outside the hotel, everywhere, people stared at him. They stared at the disheveled hair and the clerical collar. But he didn’t care.


Because she was gone.


There was no point to anything now.





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