The deep dark pressed in on me as I scrambled blindly across the room. My fingers trembled as I felt the back of the door, searching frantically for the smooth metal that would grant me exit from this lonely hell. I found it! My fingers caressed the cool handle as I tugged at the door, swinging it open. However, this sudden feeling of freedom was bitter-sweet as a crushing pain shot right through my left leg and my little toe burned with the sudden impact. I grimaced, it was a necessary sacrifice.

I scrambled out of the room and faced the next task. The invisible stair stretched out in my mind, seemingly endless. I took a deep breath and moved forward, carefully heading downwards. Each foot carefully explored the area ahead of me in the crushing darkness. Suddenly, I felt an extreme stabbing sensation in my left foot, not far from the crushed little toe. The pain was such that I could barely let the foot touch the ground and so I had to hop blindly down the stairs while the dark ahead of me seemed to claw at my soul.

As I reached the bottom of the stairway, I plunged into the darkness. Fear had left me now and I was filled with a sudden resolve to see an end to this sorry affair. I felt confidently along the wall, knowing that what I was seeking would be close. Finding the doorway, I pulled it firmly open.

Flicking the switches on the wall, light returned. I then looked down to my pain-filled foot, and removed from it the drawing pin I had dropped earlier that day.

This is why I hate it when a bulb goes during the night. It flips every damn fuse in the house.



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