I smiled as I sat on the bench.


Tonight was the night.  Earlier, as I'd left my house, I hadn't been sure, but now I was certain, and that certainty filled me with a warm, tingling sensation.  I'd felt it before, with the others, but never had it been so strong.


Then again, none of them had been as special as she was.


I'd known the moment I'd set eyes on her that she was different.  It was her eyes.  I had a weakness for blue eyes, and hers were the bluest I'd ever seen; a deep, luscious shade that seemed to bewitch me instantly.


She'd been sat in a cafĂ© in town when I first saw her.  I hadn't been looking for my next victim.  I could normally go a couple of months without feeling the urge, but the moment I saw her it swelled within me, so powerful I'd had no choice other than to take a seat at a table near her. 


I'd just sat there while she ate her meal, as she'd chatted on her mobile phone, as she watched the world pass her by, captivated by those eyes.


Of course, she hadn't seen me.  She'd looked in my direction, she'd returned a smile I'd offered her, but she hadn't seen me.


None of them did.


Until I was on top of them.  Until I was inside them.  Then they saw me.  Then they couldn't take their eyes off me, even after I was done, even after I slit their throats.


The sound of footsteps shook me from my musings.  I looked up, the buzzing within me growing as I saw her coming my way, walking through the park as she did every night on her way home from work.


I stood, ready to meet her.


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