The light fell on his face. He tried to hide himself yet, like some maniac stalker, the light from the moon found him. Neither shadows nor darkness could hide him. He watched as the light finally consumed him, searing his sanity away.


Parts of his body enlarged, parts shrank. Pain filled his body, even in parts he never realized existed. He cried. And, as his pain-filled howl shattered the silence of the night, his consciousness disappeared.



*        *        *



The nostril rose in the air. The smell of blood! The heartbeat increased as its mouth watered. Saliva trickled from its fangs. There was the only thing in its mind - blood, blood, blood…


It looked for the scent. It ran, it jumped, it galloped to the source of that arousing smell. It was here, very near. It grinned as it saw the prey ahead. Sitting alone, drinking water. It was now time for its thirst to be quenched.



*        *        *



His eyes shot open as the first rays of the rising sun hit his face. He rose and staggered to his feet. He did not know where he was, how he arrived here or when he came here. He could not recognize who or what was lying in front of him. His bile rose at the sight in front of him. The blood told him everything he needed to know.


“No,” he said to himself as he took a few steps back, “not again. This can’t be. I…”


He ran away. He had to get away before someone saw him. But the image of what he had done haunted him. He was the one responsible for it. He should not have come out. He should have caged himself in. Just like his kind deserved.


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