It’s time. The sun has set and the moon is now bathing the world with its pearly glow. Insects begin to make their strange music that only the night listens to. Leaves begin to rustle with an unfelt breeze as the night shifts deeper. I stir. I inhale slowly, letting the sweet breath fill my slumbering lungs. This is my time, this darkness, time for my stagnant heart to quicken once again.


I stretch my arms over my head, smiling and running my tongue over the sharp points of my teeth as I contemplate what this glorious night has in store for me. This is my time. I live for the darkness that quickens my heart and fills my lungs with the breath of life. It’s time for me to move out into the world and see what there is to see on this night.


I come out of the darkness of my tomb to greet the children of the night with just one of the million smiles my lips will form this night. My heart soars as I greet the night and know that something delectable is waiting in the darkness just out of my mind’s reach. I can sense it waiting for me, most probably unaware that it is waiting. Is it a man? Is it a woman? Is it even human? My pallet doesn’t discriminate of late. I am a prince of the night and my hunger will guide me.



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