Marnie loved babysitting her niece, Jessica.  The two always had so much fun together, whether they were watching DVDs, baking cookies, or just playing silly games.  


The nights when Marnie looked after Jessica there was one important ritual they always observed.  It went like this: the little girl would have a nice warm bubble bath, dress herself in her favourite pink and blue Bugs Bunny pyjamas and then climb into bed.  Marnie would then read Jessica a bedtime story as she relaxed into dreamland.


Cinderella was the story little Jessica liked the best and Marnie had no problems reading it to her, even if it was the fifteenth time she read the same story.


It never failed to amuse Marnie, that every time she read Cinderella to Jessica, her little niece would always fall asleep before the big romantic kiss at the end.


In the story, a lowly commoner and a handsome prince fell in love at first sight, danced the night away and lived happily ever after. 


Marnie never used to believe in love at first sight, but that was before she fell. 


She still doesn’t know if she believes in happily ever after.  After all, that sort of thing only happens in fairytales - not in real life.



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