It was quick and painless the way he died when the sun went down. He just closed his eyes and breathed one last time before his life slipped out of his body and into the blazing light that the human eye cannot see. In the morning family and friends will mourn, but tonight the dead are at peace with the darkness.


How much darkness does one life really see? How much hatred and pain can one life actually cause another? Questions that remain unanswered, but the dead know these truths. One day we will all know them like the dead do now.


What is the light? Religions around the globe have an answer for this question, but is it the truth? The dead know the true answer, and one day those who are alive will know it as well. Until that time we must go through our lives without the truth that we seek.


We have faith in many things, but do we truly have faith that what lies in the light at the end of our lives is peace? Can anyone really say they believe that with their whole heart? Some say that you won’t go when they do. What does that really mean? Are they privy to some secret that you do not possess? Will you know this secret when death comes to your door?


We will all go one day to that light that only the dead can see. I can only hope that when I go into the light I can meet it bravely and with a clear heart. For it will be too late to change things once I see it for real.



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