With my first set of college exams around the corner I was feeling apprehensive.  I was one of the last to pack up for the night.


Exiting the library I was greeted by the crisp air.  Outside it was dimly lit thanks to the windows at the buildings’ entrance.  Beyond that sphere of visibility everything disappeared into the night as if the pathways lead right off the face of the planet. 


Setting off for the dorms I felt the darkness press in on me.  The further I got from the library the more oppressive the night felt.  Rustling leaves, a shifting shadow and an involuntary intake of air left me feeling silly as I noticed a cat on the path.


Silently cursing the feline I continued on.  Then the wind picked up and made the branches overhead creak under the strain.  The cool breeze and eerie sound sent shivers down my spine and made every hair on my body stand tall.


Soft thuds of leaves falling to the ground made my skin crawl, and as something touched my face I jumped.  My feet jogged along the pavement.  The trip home was becoming unnaturally long. 


A figure in the corner of my eye and approaching footsteps put me over the edge.  I couldn’t move any faster with the weight of my bag.  Was someone really chasing me?


Rounding the last corner I looked over my shoulder.  Seeing no one I looked forward only to find my path blocked.




“Ahhhhhhh!” A short brunet replied while hitting me repeatedly. “What the hell is wrong with you Bobby?”


“Ouch! I’m sorry Stacy. Ouch!  Hey quit that!” I stepped aside so she could pass. 


Maybe I had imagined it all.  Gathering my nerves I set off for my waiting bed.


My thanks to Julien for his masterful editing, I appreciate his help immensely.  Also big thanks to Kaiten and especially Rob for making this anthology possible at all!


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