It doesn’t seem to be Lakers’ night tonight. No, scratch that. It’s not their night tonight. Sure, they’re winning and all, but—come on—their score could’ve been more than it is right now.


Just then, Kobe jumped and took a shot, and fucking missed!


Hello? We’re talking about Kobe here. Kobe makes those shots and doesn’t miss. Hell, I could’ve taken that shot, and I wouldn’t have missed! How could he?


Argh! I don’t need to watch this.


But the silence assaulted my ears, my very being, when I switched the TV off.


Too fucking quiet!


I turned the TV on again.


Then, I turned it off again.




Fucking hell of a night!


And if not for the sudden banging on my door, I would’ve thrown the remote at my TV. Sure, it was from a second hand shop, but it had still cost me money.




That voice.


“JON! I know you’re in there.”


Okay, it’s State the Obvious Day.


“Jon, please, open up!”


Why should I?


“I didn’t ditch you. Please believe me!”




“I had to take my mom to the hospital, and I forgot my phone at home. By the time I remembered to call you on one of the payphones, you wouldn’t pick up the phone.”


I moved closer to the door, sighing, wishing I wasn’t so paranoid.


“I’m sorry,” he said.


I opened the door, and I couldn’t help laughing a little when he immediately fell to the floor. He must’ve been leaning on it. He also looked like he should’ve put me off for tomorrow instead. That really cooled me down fast.


I helped him up. Then, I hugged him. “I’m glad you didn’t just forget,” I said, finally relieved.


I had been about ready to trash my TV.



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