I see you every day when the sun is in the sky, but you don’t pay any attention. In the shadow of the night I watch your every move and you still don’t know. You walk with your head held high in the light, but once the darkness comes you cry tears for the love that you lost.


I’m here, I try to say, but I have no voice to speak with now. It happened so suddenly that I don’t even know for sure what it was. I follow you through your days and nights trying desperately to tell you that I’m here, but fate is being cruel to both of us.


Am I doomed to walk in your shadow until you join me in this new existence? Why can’t I talk to you now? I wish you would tell me what happened and why you keep going to the cemetery at night to sit in front of a stone that I can’t read. I hear you talking to me as if I am not here and I can’t figure out why you can’t see me. Is it the darkness of the night that masks me? I’m so close to you that if you would just turn and look at me I’m sure you would see me.


You place flowers at the base of the stone and call out my name, and that anguish I hear in your voice finally makes me realize that what is chiseled into the stone is my own name! You can’t see me because you belong to the day and I am not part of the night.


I’m here, my love. Hopefully one day you’ll hear me again.



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