Troy liked not knowing which way was up, which down, as he swam in the dark.  Air and water had no separation in the darkness, except that the air was breathable, the water not.  He planned to test that distinction when he was tired enough.  It was why he was here tonight.

Ben had followed him to the pool, puzzled as to why Troy had come out so late with only his swim trunks on.  Ben had always admired Troy, and his eyes and thoughts followed him everywhere.  Unseen in the dark, Ben kept silent and still as he watched.  He saw only the occasional flash of an arm, heard only the random splash.  But this was enough for him to keep tracking the swimmer as he lapped back and forth, back and forth.

The sounds were irregular, the splashes few.  Ben knew that it was likely Troy was getting very tired.  Soon there was nothing to hear except for the occasional gasp.  Then, nothing.  Ben waited.  After ten minutes there was no water moving, no sound to be heard.

As Ben walked back to his room he wondered if he would be able to take that swim himself tomorrow night.  He hoped the night would be just as dark.  Somehow that would make it easier



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