Huddled into the corner, under the vanity, with the chair pulled snuggly close, she tried in vain to blend into the wall behind her.  Shuddering with fear, she dreaded the moment he would find her. 


She had been hiding for what felt like hours, but in reality was only minutes, and with every creak of the wooden floor beneath her she just knew she would be found out.  Rushing through all of the other places she could have hidden when she ran, she continued to find fault with each.  The closet on the first level was too obvious, as was underneath her bed.  Hearing him call out to her had pushed her to make her choice, which she now felt was a poor one. 


“Susie.  Oh Susie…” droned the whispering voice as it echoed down the hallway.  “Come out and play.  Where are you?”


Panic seizing her, she fought the urge to run, knowing that if she were to do so she most certainly would be caught. 


Crouched over, kneeling, was not the best position to be in, she realized too late as she felt a tingling sensation begin to enter her calves.  The realization that even if she were to run her legs would be too numb to carry her far made her even more anxious. 


She’d always hated the dark.  Ever since she was little she'd been afraid of what lurked in the shadows…and now there was actually someone there. 


Hearing the chair scratch ever-so-slightly against the floor alerted him to her position.  Like a hawk against a mouse, he was on her in an instant. 


Jerking the chair away, he poked her hard in the bicep, screaming, “Tag!  You’re it!  Haha, I told you I’d find you!  Ok, now you go count while I hide, ok Susie?"



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