“Mom!” I yelled, one foot out the front door. “I’m going out for a walk; will be back in a few!”


“Don’t take long, dear,” she shouted right back. “It’s already ten.”


I didn’t hear the last part as I was already on my way to the nearby park, whistling in tune with the FM blaring into my headphones. I kept up a nice pace, already starting to sweat.


I always liked to take a jog under the starry sky. Ever since I could remember, I have had this habit. There’s something about the night sky that has me mesmerized. Each night I jog over to the park, which is about two miles away from my house, and lay on the smooth grass, gazing into the immense blackness that swelled over me.


I would connect the dots and make random shapes and then cook up stories for them. Like this one instance, where I made up a whole story of a jungle by connecting dots and making animal shapes. Yeah, I know, my imagination can run wild sometimes.


I arrived at the park’s entrance well in time for my star-gazing. Going over to my usual spot, I laid the blanket down and plopped down on it, ready for another hour of peaceful story-making.


“Uh, hi…” A tentative voice came from beside me. I turned to find the most beautiful girl I had ever seen sitting next to me. She was hugging her jean-clad legs and her brown eyes sparkled like a cat’s. I was tongue-tied.


“Umm…I’ve seen you around here quite a lot,” she spoke out in a rush. “You like star-gazing, don’t you?”


I smiled, nodded, and then launched into explaining my favorite topic. Boy, was this going to be an interesting night.



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