We descended the stairs to the sandy beach below, our hands instinctively interlacing.  With our spare hands we scooped up our flip flops.  The feel of sand between my toes echoed the warm glow of the sky as the sun slipped below the horizon.


His hand guided me along the water’s edge where the salt air was strong and the tide nipped at our feet.  The sky darkened as we made our way down the beach, and before long it was almost too dark to see where we were going.


“Look!” he said, pulling my attention towards the heavens. “The first star, make a wish.”


A smile spread across my face. “What for?  I have everything I want. I have you.”


“Then I’ll make one.” My gaze dropped, but he wasn’t next to me. “That you will say yes.” Cool water rushing over my feet caught me by surprise, and looking down I saw him kneeling in the water. 


“What?  You’re getting soaked!” He was being foolish.  My eye caught a glint of something.  He had something in his hand and it took forever to realize that it was me who was being foolish. “Oh my goodness!  Yes, of course, yes!”


Before I knew it he had slid the ring smoothly onto my finger and was pressing his lips to mine.  I returned the kiss softly at first then long and hard as we both deepened and intensified the embrace with our passion for one another.  Finally breaking apart I rested my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arms tightly around his shoulders.


“I love this man! I love him, I love him.”


My thanks to Julien for his masterful editing, Bev for her impeccable guidance, and my love for inspiration.  I appreciate the help immensely.  Also big thanks to Kaiten and especially Rob for making this anthology possible at all!


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