Personal Log: Dr Omac Duran

Confederate Date: 42.4.597


I am committing these thoughts to paper, writing by hand as my ancestors once did, for I am certain that if I was to say any of this in my official data-record I would surely be arrested and tried as a heretic.  It is my hope that one day a change in government and the mindset of our current society will allow me to publish these notes and share my true findings with the rest of the world, but until then these words are for myself and myself alone.


For the past three years I have acted as the government’s official Scientific Overseer at the excavation in Coragan, supervising a team of archaeologists searching for the remains of an ancient temple.  When I was offered the position I never believed the temple would be discovered.  I never believed anything of much importance would be unearthed here.  However, the temperature in Coragan is mild and the local women are quite lovely.  It was, and is, a beautiful place for an old man to spend his last few working years.


We’ve made some discoveries over the years, enough to keep the government happy and enable us to find funding to maintain the digs.  I wouldn’t say anything we’ve uncovered has been particularly remarkable, and we’ve certainly found no evidence of any kind of temple, but we’ve unearthed a handful of religious artefacts, some ancient tools and weapons, the occasional piece of jewellery, and perhaps most exciting of all a stone tablet upon which we found crude writing, though this last discovery was, of course, spirited away by government officials before we could even begin translating the text.


I have believed for more than a year that the ground here would yield nothing remarkable, nothing noteworthy, nothing that would set my pulse racing, but today that belief was proven false.  Last month a dig in sector three uncovered the remains of what the archaeologist in charge of the site believed to be the walls of the temple.  I inspected the site myself and concluded that he had, in fact, unearthed a road.  However, the man’s enthusiasm was only surpassed by his ego, so when he requested permission to excavate to the left of his “wall” I gave him my blessing.


I would love to be able to say here that some instinct told me that excavating beside the road would yield a remarkable discovery, or that I trusted the instincts of the archaeologist in question, Dr Noran, but the truth is I find the man tiresome.  He was working on this site before my arrival and believed he would take over from my predecessor when he retired.  Since then he has taken every opportunity to belittle me and undermine my authority, and it was my hope that a few weeks of wasted time excavating what was, at best, a drainage ditch, would bring him down a peg or two.


I couldn’t quite hide the smile of satisfaction when he appeared at my office door this morning, pale-faced and shaking.  I was certain that he had come to tell me that he had found nothing beside the road, that his disposition was due to his inherent reluctance to admit that he was wrong, that he had wasted valuable time and money, but it seems that it was I who was wrong.


Dr Noran bumbled and spluttered for a few moments as he informed me in a thoroughly awkward manner that his team had unearthed a body some twenty-three feet beneath the side of the road.  When I enquired further he merely insisted that I follow him to the site and see the remains for myself.  It took him a great deal of time to persuade me, but finally I agreed, and to my dying day I am not sure whether I will be grateful or resentful for his persistence.


The body was unlike anything I have ever seen before, entirely alien to me.  It’s skeletal structure, its limbs, its cranium, all unlike any creature I have ever seen on this Earth.  At first I believed Dr Noran and his team were playing some kind of practical joke on me, but one look at his face told me that he was as shocked as I was.  Indeed, when we returned to base camp Dr Noran poured himself a stiff drink and took to his bed, insisting that he needed to lie down for many hours.


Protocol dictates that I should contact the government immediately, report my discovery, but I know precisely what will happen if I do.  They will send a team to retrieve the remains.  They will shut down the dig, debrief all who set eyes on the carcass and send us home warning us not to speak of what we saw.  Perhaps that would be for the best, but the scientist in me wants answers.  I have ordered the area around the body closed and in the morning I will speak to Dr Noran.  If he is in agreement then I will order tests be conducted on the body to determine its nature and origin.  Sooner or later I will have to report what we have found, but for the time being my official report will state that Dr Noran has unearthed a body and say nothing of its form or shape.



*        *        *



Personal Log: Dr Omac Duran

Confederate Date: 43.4.597


To my surprise, Dr Noran was as anxious as I to perform tests on the body we discovered, and readily agreed to say nothing of the creature for the time being.  We have spoken to the handful of scientists who have thus far seen the remains and I am confident that they will keep silent, though a number of them have asked to be transferred to other dig sites.


This afternoon we performed a spectral-dating test on the remains and concluded that they are truly ancient.  We will need to perform further tests to accurately date the remains, but the spectral analysis suggests that the body could be in excess of twenty-thousand years old!  Further excavation around the body has uncovered a number of strange and fantastic items, and though it would be simple for me to dismiss them as crude tools they do bear a striking resemblance to items we use today.


One of the relics uncovered is a small metallic device, barely bigger than my hand, that looks similar in design to the weapons used by our modern armed forces.  I cannot find any kind of electrical power core, but the structure is certainly reminiscent of some kind of small hand weapon.  Dr Noran has also uncovered some documents in a satchel beneath the body.  The text is unlike anything I have ever seen before, and it’s possible that it’s merely random scribblings with no inherent meaning, but if I’m wrong, if it is some kind of writing…


Is it possible that in our ancient past, when my people were still crawling through the jungles in search of food, some kind of alien being visited this world?  To even think such a thing is heresy, but the only other possibility I can think of is that my mentor and friend, Professor Growt, was right all along.



*        *        *



Personal Log: Dr Omac Duran

Confederate Date: 45.4.597


The past two days have been spent analysing the remains we uncovered, examining the artefacts unearthed around the body, and attempting to translate the alien writing on the documents.  Yesterday night the small group of scientists I have enlisted to aid with this mystery reported their discoveries, and by the time they were done I could do nothing but take directly to my bed.  Sleep was hard to attain and I was restless throughout the night, waking this morning with a pounding headache, but after seeing the evidence with my own eyes this morning I cannot help but conclude that Professor Growt was right.


His Theory of Pregenesis is known only to a handful of people.  When he attempted to publish his notions he was arrested on charges of heresy and imprisoned for more than a decade, emerging from prison only to die a few weeks later without speaking a word to anyone.  If we have discovered the body of an alien visitor the government will surely cover it up, but I doubt my team or I will have anything to fear.  If, however, we have uncovered evidence to suggest the Theory of Pregenesis is correct…


We now know that the scribblings on the documents found in the satchel are writing.  As yet we have been unable to translate the words, but the linguist I have employed for this task tells me that the structure of the shapes and symbols on the page conforms to a linguistic style.  In short, the words are a language, though it is unlike anything I have ever seen before.  Analysis of the documents itself suggest that it is a form of paper, produced in much the same way as we make ours, but a genetic analysis of the wood has produced some confusing results.


The wood used to make the paper upon which this creature wrote bears a striking similarity to some species of tree found on Earth.  My team cannot tell me if the differences are due to the evolution of the trees or if they are a similar species from an alien world, but either way it seems the evolutionary development of this being has been similar to our own.


The weapon we uncovered remains a mystery.  Dr Noran has suggested that the weapon fires though a means other than electrical propulsion, though others on his team speculate that the power core is merely inert.  We have disassembled the weapon and found a number of gold pellets in the rear compartment, though in truth this discovery has yielded few answers.  Dr Noran believes that these gold pellets are the projectiles fired by the weapon, while Dr Ferris suggests that they are depleted batteries of some kind.  As only three pellets were found in the weapon my instinct is to side with Dr Ferris, though I can’t allow myself to draw any firm conclusions without further evidence.


Remnants of fabric have been found on the bones.  They are microscopic, invisible to the naked eye, but could be evidence that this species wore some kind of clothing.  There is not a sufficient quantity of fabric to perform a detailed analysis, but I am told that the clothing, if that is what it is, would have been dark blue or black in colour.


Further examination of the satchel has yielded a number of discoveries.  We have found what appears to be a crude form of writing implement, some kind of metal box and yet another weapon, this time a knife.  It seems the creature we have found was a warrior of some kind, or at least a being from a warlike race.  As yet we have been unable to identify what precisely caused the demise of the creature, though residual traces of radiation in the bones suggests the death was not by natural means.


When Professor Growt first told me of his theories I considered them eccentric at best, but I always believed that if there was evidence out there supporting his theories then I would welcome it.  Now, however, I stand on the verge of possibly finding such evidence, and it terrifies me.  Even if we discover this creature to be alien in origin it will bring me little peace.  To know that we are not alone in this universe, to know that there are other beings out there, perhaps more powerful than us, fills my heart with terror.


As a scientist I am compelled to keep my mind open, to consider all the possibilities and embrace whatever conclusion the evidence draws me to.  As a man I hope and pray that some rational explanation can be found for this creature, and preferably one that will once again allow me to sleep soundly at night.



*        *        *



Personal Log: Dr Omac Duran

Confederate Date: 16.5.597


I have been on the run now for thirty-four nights, hiding during the day, travelling on foot during the night, heading ever southwards towards the untamed lands beyond the mighty forest, beyond the reach of my government.  Dr Noran, Dr Ferris and many of the scientists who worked with me to uncover the mystery we uncovered in Coragan are either dead or in prison.  A handful escaped with me the night the government forces came, but we all agreed to separate when morning came.  Travelling as one makes us too easy a target, but alone some of us may stand a chance.


Professor Growt was right, of that I have no doubt now.  His Theory of Pregenesis, a theory I dismissed the moment I heard it, will one day be known and accepted by all the people of this planet as those of us who have seen the evidence both know and accept it.  Professor Growt long speculated that our kind were not the first intelligent beings to walk this Earth, that in the time between the rise of our civilisation and the age where the mighty lizards ruled the land there was another race, another species, that evolved to at least the same level of development we have reached, if not beyond us.


To say these creatures were strange is an understatement, and I am sure it will not be easy for many of my people to accept that such alien creatures once ruled this world as we now do, but one day they will know the truth, and one day they will uncover more mysteries surrounding this strange race.


We now know that the body we found is in excess of eighty-thousand years old.  We cannot tell if it was male or female, cannot guess its age when it died, and we can only speculate as to how it died.  Before the authorities learned of our discovery, Dr Noran contacted a colleague and friend at the University of Madtrona.  Based on what he learned, we now believe that the race of creatures that dominated this planet before us may have been killed by some kind of solar event.


It seems that around eighty-six thousand years ago our sun went through a brief period of instability.  It corrected itself, but not before lashing our planet with high doses of radiation.  We already know that as little as sixty-thousand years ago the atmosphere above our planet was weak, incapable of adequately shielding many species from the effects of the sun.  The commonly accepted theory is that volcanic activity over hundreds of thousands of years released gases that slowly eroded the atmosphere, but is it possible that these people, these creatures that once dominated this world, made the same mistakes we are making now?  Could they have generated pollution that damaged their atmosphere as some of our scientists speculate we are now doing?


I can only guess, but it seems likely that a combination of atmospheric erosion and solar activity may have resulted in the demise of this species.  Certainly the radiation detected in the creature’s bones supports this theory.


As for the creatures themselves, we made some remarkable discoveries in our last few days before the government forces moved in to shut us down.  We were unable to translate the writing found on the documents, though each of us who escaped took copies of the text to work on if and when we reach safety in the southlands.  However, we were able to activate the metal box we found in the satchel, and discovered that it was some form of recording device.


It took three days of hard work, but we managed to interface the box directly with one of our computers and what we found was remarkable.  Pictures.  Actual images of the creature and others of its kind.  Images of its homeland.  Images of our world as it must have been millennia ago.  We were not able to recover the images or the box before the government forces moved in, but those of us who saw them will never forget the strange creatures we saw.


Based on the images and our scientific analysis of the body, we are now confident that this was a species that walked upright on its two rear legs.  Their skeletons were covered by what appears to be a soft, fleshy substance which, according to the pictures, varied in colour though appears to be predominantly pink.  While we have six eyes, they had just two, as far as we can tell, and their skulls were covered in a fine layer of fur or hair, much like some of the mammalian animals we see in the wild today.


We suspect having just four limbs may have limited the speed at which they could move, though the images suggest they developed some form of mechanical transportation to enable them to move at greater speeds.  These devices appear similar in concept to the type we use, though smaller.  We had speculated based on the size of the skeleton we uncovered that we were looking at the body of one of their young, perhaps a child, but it seems these creatures may not have grown to more than five or six feet in height, though their diminutive stature does not seem to have inhibited them.


Based on what I have seen I believe that the species that dominated this world before us evolved from some form of primate.  I wonder if perhaps there were more primate species on this planet at one time, though I must admit it seems unlikely.  While those that exist in the wild show evidence of intelligence and the ability to use basic tools, how such a creature evolved into an intelligent being capable of language and civilisation is beyond me, but I can’t deny the evidence of my eyes.


While there is no conclusive evidence that this species inhabited the Earth before us, the weight of evidence does tend to indicate that the Theory of Pregenesis is correct.  Arakans are the second species to create a civilisation on this world.  One day, I hope, others of my kind will know what we have learned in Coragan, and perhaps with further study we can avoid making the same mistakes this primate civilisation made, and our race may continue for millennia to come.



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