Draped in her dark veil, she sat motionless with eyes set on the horizon. Eon-like seconds trickled by as she waited for the one she was yearning for. Every sound was a wish, a prayer for at least a glimpse. The agony of separation had crippled her heart. One by one, bright white tears fell from her eyes and rested on her veil as stars.


Ages had passed since she woke up in his dying arms. She remembered his last whispers, the trails of blood on her lap and that final smile. Her fingers clutched the air where he had once breathed, before he sank in the womb of the ocean. Such was her destiny for they could never be one. Death intervened at their every union. If dying was the consequence of meeting him, so be it. She would brave countless deaths, if needed.


A gust of wind blew past, shifting the veil off her face. The white crescent crown shone in the midst of the millions of tears. Yet her eyes never wavered from the eastern horizon.


A ray of light appeared, bringing along the sign of her lover. For the first time, she smiled. In front of her twinkling eyes, her knight in golden armour shining brightly rose from the sea. Her heart beat faster as he approached her slowly. He was everything she had always dreamed of- the crooked smile, the golden hair, the armour bright enough to blind someone other than herself.


She was still standing where he had left her. With his radiant aura, he erased every one of her tears. One, two, three and soon none were left. By then, he was right in front of her. He extended his hand and touched her cheek. She didn’t know if it was his magic or just his charm, but she could no longer breathe. And he kissed her.


She could feel his essence invade her every pore. His golden rays flew in her veins. His brilliance had completely overwhelmed her small body. Her dark veil blew away into oblivion when his hands snaked around her waist, bringing her closer to him. She lost herself in his arms.


Finally, she broke the kiss. She could no longer stand. He had knelt down, holding her in his lap, just like she had held him last time. Unspilled tears brimmed in his eyes. His essence had completely spread through her body, like a sweet poison. Was it as painful for him too? But to feel him so close, to feel him inside herself was the most blissful thing she had ever experienced, even if it was at the cost of pain and death.


Smiling, she closed her eyes and vanished into nothing.


A huge thanks to Sharon for her awesome help with the story.


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