The night was slowly slipping out of its carefree youth into serious maturity while daybreak approached stealthily like a forbidden lover. Cinderella sat near the bar, toying with the empty glass. The crowd inside the nightclub thinned, leaving only those resolved to enjoy the maximum benefits this night could offer. These were the patrons she liked.


She saw one approach from the right. He wasn’t exactly her type but he was not too bad. He was actually rather sexy with a half-undone shirt and his jet black hair tied up in a ponytail. She smiled at him as she tossed her hair behind her back.


“Can I buy you a drink?” he said in a deep husky voice.








“Really? Like the fairytale? So are you going to leave your glass slippers with me?”


“Depends. Are you a charming prince?”


“I may be.”


He grinned as he eyed her from top to bottom, lingering a bit longer on her ample bosom. She bit her lips seductively. Few words were said while they had their drink. Both were anticipating the next move. Indeed, he finally asked her for a dance.


Bodies pressed against them as they made their way to the middle of the dance floor. Smiling, she embraced him while moving her body to the rhythm of the loud music. He did the same, his hands resting lightly on her waist. As they danced, he got bolder. His hands started to wander around. Familiar thrills and tingling sensations went through her body. The urge inside her became stronger. She let herself go, kissing him on his lips while her hands unleashed his black locks, feeling the soft texture between her fingers.


Breaking the lip lock to get air, she smiled at the guy. She raised her head and saw the first rays of dawn infiltrating the room through a slice of broken window pane. Her grin disappeared.


Without any word, she quickly moved through the crowd and left the club. She hurried to her car. She started the engine and made her way out as quickly as she could.



*        *        *



Carl glanced at the mirror as he got into the black pants. No trace of the previous night or of his hidden life remained. Cropped black hair replaced the long blonde ones. The make-up was entirely gone, leaving his familiar pale complexion. In front of the mirror stood Carl, his only form accepted by the day.


Cinderella remained a fantasy of the nights. At the chimes of the dawn, she had to return back to the reality. For such was her tale. Caged by traditions and rejected by the norms, she was nothing else than a creature of the shadows.



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