Today: 6:30am

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning, not feeling as good as I probably should have, since I know I slept 8 hours. I can't explain it really, just this terrible nagging in the back of my mind. Having nothing constructive to do today, maybe I should have remained in bed. I'm not tired, so that probably wouldn't work. I get out of bed, proceed to my normal morning rituals, and return to the bedroom to dress for the day. I find myself not looking forward to being around the others.

I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Dawn, a demi-god in the Greek pantheon. I have a twin sister, Eve, and Zeus is our father, and neither of us remember who our mother is. I'm sure he found some pretty mortal, and here we are. We haven't been here long, and I don't remember much about my childhood, other than I share one with Eve.

I head downstairs, to the dining area, to find "Father" sitting at the head of the table with Eve, Hera, Mercury and a few others. I prepare a plate of fruits, and sit down to eat. I overhear Eve complaining to Zeus. She has woken with the same nagging feeling that I did (not that I'm surprised, being a twin). She is complaining that she feels that she has no purpose here, and wonders why.

I decided to speak up as well. "Father", I started. Hera frowns my way, and I laugh inside. She can't get over our privileged status as Children of Zeus. I ignored her. Zeus turned and looked at me. "Yes Daughter?" "What is my purpose here?" I asked. "I woke this morning, completely out of sorts, not at all comfortable with who I am, and why I am even here. I know I speak for Eve as well, since being twins, we often think alike and I know she is having the same issues".

"Well, my Daughters", he responded. "You are special to me, and to mankind!", he went on. He hesitated for just a minute, as if trying to collect his thoughts and then proceeded. "Every day, we gaze upon the mortals, and notice that they are wonderful at performing mundane tasks in order to stay alive. They work hard, raise animals and grow food. They worship us, and honor us for their existence. However, they do so with no vim or vigor. There is no hope for anything better in their eyes or hearts.

"So", he added, "I've brought you into existence, to give meaning to their lives. They shall honor Eve, as the day closes for making it through another day. They will honor you every morning, for with your presence, a new day is born. They can now feel a sense of hope for something better, because another day has come."

"So Dear Diary, I now have purpose. All of mankind is dependent on me. Can't wait until tomorrow!"



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