I’m here, my beloved. I know that you can’t see me, but can you feel me take your hand? I want so badly to comfort you in this time of suffering, but it won’t be long now. I can feel it, my love. We’ll be together again when this is done. I’ll be here to teach you and show you that it isn’t the end. Oh how your suffering pains me.

Just a little while longer, my love. The time is close. You’ll not feel the suffering any longer when this is over. I promise you this, my love. Nothing will touch you again after this. I’ll be with you. I swear I’ll finally take your hand and we’ll be together again. Oh but it’s been so long!

I’m here and you’ll feel me soon. My lonely walk in your shadow is nearly over now. I’m torn between joy and sadness now. I want to feel the joy of being reunited with you, but the sadness of watching you suffer so  badly is making it hard for me. I’ve longed for this day to come, but I didn’t think that it would be so painful for you.

Outside your window I see the coming of the dawn. Will you be with me before it arrives? Can we walk in the magnificence of the waking day together at last? I dare to hope that this is over before the day comes. I want this to be the last night that I’m alone while you suffer. I want the suffering to be over. Please let it be over now.

“I’m scared.”

Shock fills me! Are you speaking to me? Oh it won’t be long now, my love. There’s nothing to fear. I will be with you. I promise. I can feel you stronger now, my love. It is coming! I’ll never leave you again. I swear we’ll be together forever.

“For so many days I’ve thought I could feel you with me.”

I am with you! I’ve been with you every day, my love. Oh how I wish you could know!

Then I see you. I’m holding your lifeless hand while you stand in the doorway in front of me. Oh the joy of seeing the years lifted from you! My love! Here, take my hand.

I see the dawn!

Yes! Isn't it wondrous? Oh, my love you're with me at last!



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