Shrill shrieking penetrated the darkness like an unearthly bird calling for a mate.  Harvey groaned, thrusting his arm wildly, first striking empty air, then the bottle of water he kept on his bedside table, sending it crashing to the ground, before finally he found his alarm clock.  He hammered at it once, twice, three times until it was silent, but even then its unholy chirruping echoed in his ears.


Dragging his arm back under the covers, he contemplated simply going back to sleep, returning to the blissful dream from which he had been so cruelly torn, a dream in which his beautiful girlfriend had an equally beautiful twin, and both were doing unspeakable things to his body.  He smiled as he held on to the image, as he savoured the all-too vague sensations they had evoked with their hands, their lips, their…


He groaned again.  As much as he might have liked to return to that happy place, he knew he needed to get up, get out of bed, get dressed, get himself to work.  His mind battling with his exhausted muscles, he rolled, pushing himself up, sitting on the edge of the bed.  There he paused for a moment, wiping the sleep from his eyes, struggling to convince himself to stand, to move, to abandon the tender comfort of his bed.


Pushing himself upright, he staggered, gasping as his arm shot out instinctively, finding the wall just in time to keep himself on his feet, but not before his big toe collided with the edge of his wardrobe.


“Shit!” he hissed through clenched teeth, grasping his leg as the pain slowly climbed to his hip.


That’s one way to wake yourself up, he thought to himself, even managing a dry smile as he hobbled towards his bedroom window.


As his fingers found the rough fabric of the curtains, he braced himself, blinking a couple of times to make sure he was ready for the onslaught of daylight before tugging at the grey, textured cloth, dragging it towards the wall.  His breath caught in his throat as sunlight invaded his eyes.  He turned his head away, moaning as a dull ache spread through his skull, waiting for the discomfort to pass before looking out.


He frowned as he gazed out of the window, for a moment confused, uncertain why all colour seemed to have been drained from the world outside.  Where normally there should have been green shrubbery, a grey road, red brick buildings and brown roofs, there was only white.  A thick blanket of crisp white snow that seemed to cover everything, while still more fell from the heavens, drifting gradually down to suffocate the land in its icy embrace.


I’m supposed to go out in this? he asked himself, shaking his head slowly.


“Fuck that,” he muttered, pulling the curtains shut and hobbling back towards his bed.



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