I turn to look at the form slumbering on beside me. His hair is golden and soft, his lips are deep and tempting. I sigh with happiness. I remember his eyes. Electric and piercing, fun, bright, and always laughing. His shoulders are broad and strong, thick arm muscles. One arm is slung out, casually, and before I sat up, it had been supporting my neck. I cuddle onto his chest now, and look up at his sexy stubble. We breathe in time in the warmth of our bed. I trace my finger down his chest and sigh once more. He twitches slightly, dreaming. Cute. My gaze wanders to the window as the first rays of light brighten the day. His breath, the steady rise and fall, is a blessing. Human life is so fragile, and I never want to lose him. A blessing, or music, playing just for me. I stretch out and feel the harsh chill that awaits us outside of the quilt. He stirs, and I smile lovingly. I lean up to him and place my lips gently on his.


"Morning sweetie," I murmur.



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