I stretched deliciously as I stood up from the chair.  I only just glimpsed the jonquils near the trees as the dawn’s light strengthened.  I had been up for one teacup full of time.  Now I needed to wake my husband.  We stole enjoyable minutes together over tea before all the children awoke and began demanding our attention.  I loved them all, but needed my time alone.  I usually rose very early, and turned the early morning hours into my special time to write, think, or just enjoy my cup of tea.

My darling awoke easily, and sat up to cradle his cup of tea.  I sat on the bed to enjoy my second cup.  I told him about the morning, just to give him time to wake up.  He began asking questions about the children’s activities for the day.  I reached for my calendar to find the answers.  We arranged the transportation workload to cover all our plans.  He wanted to work late, so he would pick up all the children at their various activities if I would drop them off.  I, then, could be at home with the babies in the afternoon, and would fix dinner.  The homework circus would require the full attention of both parents.   Baths and bedtime for the children came after that - all before we would be alone together again.  Looking over the daily calendar I already felt exhausted.  But today wasn’t really a busy day:  rather a quite normal day for a family with six children.  Our few minutes passed, and I needed to wake the children.

I kissed my six sleepyheads awake, and returned to the kitchen to fix breakfast.  The jonquils were easily visible before we finished eating.  The morning scramble to match diaper bags, backpacks and lunches took a little longer than usual.  The youngest emptied the oldest’s backpack.  She also added artwork to the wall with the gel pens she found in the backpack!   A quick kiss and husband left, a waved goodbye and the scholars walked to the bus stop while I loaded the younger set into the car.  The early morning quiet evaporated.  We drove out the driveway with the full morning light blazing across the windshield.  The babies crowed in their car seats.  We were taking on the world!



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