The dark sky was slowly becoming light, going from the black that wrapped around her, letting her play and have fun, to the softer colors of the in-between time before full sunrise. The time when she would once more look, act and feel human once more.


She didn’t want to feel that way any more, she didn’t want to feel like a human. Didn’t want to take up her human face once more and hide from the world. Sighing quietly, she picked up her bracelet, wrapping it around her wrist before looking out of her window.


The sky continued to grow lighter as the magic worked around her, dulling her bright green hair and her soft peach skin, making her look mousy in color. Nothing more then a human girl as the sun rose and the night ended around her. She mourned the loss of another night, of another bit of her freedom, condemning the hatred that made her hide and worry.


She mourned another piece of her soul slowly dying away as she started about her day as a human child.



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