The shadows stretch. My time is limited, but there is beauty here that I long to see. My heart tries to sing the song of the light, but there is no song for one such as me. The night is nearly over. There’s just time to get back. My hunger is sated, my bones are weary and this prince of the night must find his shelter from the scorching dawn.


This is sorrow and joy intermixed and indivisible for me. My memory is long and covers each of the nights of my existence. How I long for the days of my mortality; at least the memory of them. Maybe then I could finally watch the magnificent dawn overtake the darkness and spread light across the land.


I listen to the life of the forest and know that time is growing ever shorter as the children of the light wake up and shake off the dew and sleep that night had brought upon them. My time is done. It’s time to sleep. I am always jealous and fascinated by the children of light as they scurry and play around me while I make my way back to my hidden crypt. They’ll not think of me for hours as the day goes on, but when the light recedes once more it will be my time again.


Oh the colors of the dawn! The magnificent bronze and burning purples. The land turns gray before the light fills it with green and gold and beauty once again. I must hurry. Nothing must stand in my way. The dawn is approaching, and I must take shelter before the beautiful murderous rays find me.


And here inside my crypt just before I lay myself in the death pose inside my coffin I can see the horrifying rays of the light that touch the land just a few feet from the doorway to my chamber. Oh but the beauty of it all. It could quite possibly drive my vampire mind insane with heart breaking joy. Oh but to touch that light, to bask in its warmth and be a child of the light. Do I dare it? Nigh.


Already my bones are weary. I can feel the sleep steeling over me like a thief, making my movements slow and unsteady. Inside my coffin I breath out my last breath before the terrible dawn and lie back. My last though before the sleep takes me completely is of what it would be like to let those rays burn me until there was nothing left of me but energy. Is there more for one such as me?



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