Groggy. I try to open my eyes. Harsh. I can't. I have to preserve the calm for as long as possible. I know something is wrong. Morning frost nipping at my toes. The glare of the first rays. I can't remember...I rub my fingers together. Sticky. Strange. I roll my head to the side and my body follows it. On all fours now, I struggle to stand. My feet slip out from under me and I fall face first in the mud. No, it can't be mud. This was slippery, and sticky, the mud was hard with the frost, and this smelt weird. Wait. I know that smell. My eyes snap open. Blood. I struggle once again to my feet, more determined this time, my trainers slipping on the overturned earth. I must have fallen asleep! I remember now! Quick, quick, before someone comes! Hastily I grab the shovel. The hole is almost finished now. Hurry, hurry, dirt flying behind me.



*        *        *



Hole finished, finally, I kick the body down to the bottom of it. I sneer down at the face I once knew. I guess I finally won our little war didn't I, dear? Strange. In death you are much more beautiful than the hate-filled you I once knew. Lips cold, blue. Eyes closed, skin now dull. Hair, I've muddied it throwing you down there. Your blood trickles slowly still, my dear. It is amazing how it can still seep out of you after you have already been dead for so long. I wonder if you can feel now? I wonder if you have any form of consciousness? You will know better than me now I suppose. Or not, as it may turn out. I will find out when my own death comes I guess. Enough of this. Goodnight, my dear.



*        *        *



I begin to shovel the dirt from the pile beside me on top of the corpse. I make sure all of his blood goes down the hole with him. When I am done I smile harshly at him, or rather, the earth where he now will lay for eternity, then I turn and walk away from the white goal posts gleaming in the rising sunlight.



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