The light grew slowly through the grays and violets to lavender.  They would be coming soon.   They were coming to end the pain with their ministrations, to relieve the restlessness with their bulging massage fingers, to bring blessed unconsciousness and relief with their medications.  The light grew through the peaches to orange as the sun almost broke the horizon.   They had never been this late before.  What if they didn’t come?  The horrible thought of enduring the torture of daylight while confined to the glass-topped bed was too overwhelming even to consider.  They would surely come.  Restless, breathless, moaning, squirming - they had to come soon.  The day began to glow - the sun came up.  Never had they been this late!  What could be wrong?  Where were they?  The day began to glow more fiercely - had the sun always been this strong?  Squirming, gasping; breathe.  Would they come?  The glow intensified, a sound-wave of light engulfing the room.  Oh the pain:  the light hurt - they had to come now.  They had to.  The light - too intense - they…



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