I could go on like this all night;

Drowning my sorrows in purple prose and platitudes.

Knowing that out there, there is always someone who will listen

as I cry these bitter tears of regret and reproach over things I cannot hope to fix.


I never asked for this;

Drowning in a sea of problems that weren’t made by me in the first place.

Knowing that out there, there is always another one waiting for the ambush

as I wearily drag myself through each hurdle and trough presented to me.


I could give up right now;

drowning in a sea of my own self pity; pusillanimous and prostrate on the floor.

Knowing that little else is expected of me really

as I am just one person, only human and none of this is my fault, really.




You can come back tomorrow;

when I’ve pulled myself out of the water and dried myself off.

Knowing that it was just one day out of 365, and that if I screw up today I still have tomorrow:

as I am capable of going to sleep and starting over again then, too.





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