For all the wrongs you've done to me,

I know I should offer forgiveness.

Your savage words that cut my heart;

Your angry fists that bruised my skin;

Your hateful eyes that scorched my soul;

Your whispered lies that destroyed my trust;

All these wounds have long since healed

And yet still I carry this rage within me,

A fiery tempest that causes me to curse your name

And rue the day our paths first crossed.


I hope one day I can be a better man,

Forgive, forget, let go of this hatred,

But when I picture your face or think of your name

The pain becomes fresh once more.

I long to love you as I once did,

But no light can penetrate the darkness

Your actions, your words, have instilled within me.

And so all I can offer is this one heartfelt wish:

That one day I can relieve myself of this burden,

And think of you with indifference.





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