It could be tomorrow I finally snap,

Say that’s enough, things must change.

Do away with sorrow like a huge thunderclap.

And just like that you’ll think “how strange”.


It could be tomorrow I finally blow,

And by adventurous winds shall be swayed.

Off on a journey I shall go,

Unless of course the train’s delayed.


It could be tomorrow I finally see

Things I misunderstood in my youth.

Some are so simple, yet mean so much to me,

The hardest lesson is dealing with truth.


It could be tomorrow I finally learn

To make out of life what I will.

The unforeseen may twist and churn

But at the end of the meal comes the bill.


It could be tomorrow I face the end.

My senses dulled, my prospects culled!

Finding myself beyond the help of friends

The storm of life eternally lulled.


So as the future comes in fast

and approaching this day's end

In this storm I shall last

For I can weather what it sends.





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