Hope is something I cannot have,

Lonely nights, dark wet blood,

Shaking over and over, never stopping,

Darkness pressing on my ears.


Hope is an emotion I used to have,

The cutting glass ecstacy,

Convulsing continuing on and on,

Darkness pressing on my eyes.


Hope's existance I want to know,

Stopping, slowing, cuts heal again,

Writhing uncontrollably in the night,

Darkness suffocating me.


Hope is a substance in my brain,

Blood dry, scars healed now,

Torment slows as my love grows,

Sunlight peeping through, daring to glitter.


Hope keeps my head up, my love true,

Freedom from the blood, from my demon tormentor,

Attacks come less frequent, trust and calm prevail,

Happy light bursts through the black: Hope.





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