The Authors Haunt is proud to present the 2010 Abstract Fiction Anthology.  The theme of this anthology was "The Knife", a story based not on words, but on an image of a knife.  Participating authors were invited to explore this theme as they saw fit, provided their submitted story came to between 2,000 and 12,500 words.

A total of four authors participated in this anthology, between them submitting four stories.  Those submissions are listed below in alphabetical order by title.  At the end of each story you will see a feedback button linking directly to the topic where the story is being discussed.  Authors here are not paid for their work, and the only reward they get for their skill and hard work is the thanks of grateful readers, so please take a moment to show your gratitude.


Landslides aren’t predictable, and Mark is swept into a canyon by one while backpacking. David, Kyle, and Ryan find Mark and decide to rescue him even though it’s complex and dangerous. They also have to plan a way to get Mark off the mountain and to a doctor. I should mention that all four are teens. Will they succeed?


Word Count: 12,370

Published: 21 May 2010


A young boy discovers the path to manhood is not always smooth, and the transition sometimes rests on a knife-edge...


Word Count: 2,411

Published: 21 May 2010


Bullying can have a devastating effect on a young psyche.  In the aftermath of a traumatic event, Ben is left struggling for answers to questions he hardly dare ask.  A visit to one of his childhood haunts offers him some clarity, but will understanding bring him the peace he craves?


Word Count: 12,563

Published: 21 May 2010


The harsh reality of mental struggle...


Word Count: 3,997

Published: 21 May 2010




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