The strength of my desire, like waves crashing on the shore,

draws me ever closer as my longing grows for more,


But then I stop and turn away when once our glances lock,

for fear has dashed my hope aside like surf upon a rock;


I’m sinking ever deeper, my desperate plight heart-felt:

such breathless hesitation must yield no more result


Than casting bottled wishes far out beyond the shore

to toss and drift upon the swell, soon lost and seen no more.


My trust submerged, I cannot speak these words within my heart,

and yet I know that you will go, and I cannot bear to part.


You have the means to save me, if only I could reach

your hand, as hard for me to grasp as sand upon a beach,


And I discover yet again that fear forbids reward,

and lack of confidence in love means failure is assured


If I immerse my self in yours as deep as ocean’s depth

I’ll yield to you my freedom, so essential to my breath.


I’m drowning.





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