They say he travels fastest

who travels alone.


Yet I did not travel,

but  aimlessly drifted

on the ocean of life

with no purpose or meaning.

Just an endless horizon.


Until he came.


And when he came

my mast he raised up,

and my sails he unfurled

to dance in the wind.


And my journey began.


Life's ups and downs

they just passed me by;

like flotsam and driftwood

and the distant white horses;

my life in the doldrums.


Until he came.


And when he came,

a travelling companion

to destinations unknown,

my anchor was weighed;

life's purpose revealed.


After he came.


Because now that he's here,

through fair weather or foul,

through calm and through storm,

we'll sail over the horizon

standing shoulder to shoulder

to destinations unknown.


Sharing  the voyage of life.





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