I sit back and put my feet up on the bed

And try to get as comfy as I can

I write our name on the condensated window

But he quickly wipes it away with the back of his hand


He sighs as if he’s going to speak

Like maybe something’s on his mind

But he rolls over and faces the wall

And I realize that our loves not blind


So I open the window and let the cold air rush in

It’s easy to be sleepy with this silence all night

I rub my eyes and search for something on the radio

And I realize we’re not moving on just it letting go


So as I slowly disappear into dreamland

Another day away from no-loves-ville

Yet that is better than this stranded here in no man’s land

He’s a demon reaching down sucking me in like sinking sand


And we’re long past gone and I’m not sad

That we’re long past gone and I can hardly wait

To never come back



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